We are a two dog household having adopted Maximus, in the red collar, about a year after Emmett, snowy muzzle and head, came to live with us. Kate helped us deal with the issues of territoriality as well as helping to train us how to train our dogs. Kate is personable, experienced, and a lot of fun to work with. Both dogs are behaving so much better than when we started. Walks are fun since the pulling has been virtually eliminated. The territoriality is an issue that we continue to work on, but now we know how. Kate's binder of tips and references is a great tool we use often.

Phil, Helen & Kathryn

"My partner and I adopted what we thought was an aggressive dog with a major biting problem. Following a mixture of "neighborly advice" and antiquated training methods, we had no luck at all in gaining trust, fostering respect or enforcing good behaviors. Thank God for Kate. She came in and immediately did a thorough intake with us--the humans--which actually taught us a lot about our own (mis)conceptions. Over the next few weeks, she helped us to understand him better and she even worked with our first dog. Not only did the exercises that Kate gave us feel more humane and effective than traditional training methods, but they also strengthened our dog-human bond as we trained. To make a long story short, we now have a loving relationship with both of our dogs and are able to have guests over without fearing for their appendages!"

-Cathy R.

My Bernese Mountain Dog's philosophy on life was 'my way or the highway' and weighing in at 96 lbs., he pretty well got his own way. He was out of control on a walk. The moment he spotted another dog, he would lunge, front paws off the ground, trying to attack the other dog. I was completely unable to restrain him and as a result, could no longer walk him. He was always left at home and the more he was couped up and under-exercised, the cagier he got. Enter Kate with Cooper's Dog Training. After 5 sessions the balance of power was completely shifted.She taught me ways of establishing control and diverting my dog from bad behavior. He is now a completely different dog on a walk. He is able to ignore other dogs, or when appropriate, greet them without attacking them! The crowning achievement was a beautiful afternoon we spent out at Millennium Plaza, site of many dogs and owners. My dog rested peacefully at my feet, calm and under control. I couldn't believe it was the same dog. His behavior is completely different. I could not believe that a few sessions could make such a difference but they did.

-Sheila McKerrow

I called Cooper's Dog Training and Kate because my dog, Stoli, had some issues while we were on our walks.  Normally, he is very friendly with other dogs, but once I got a leash on him, he lost his social skills.  When greeting another dog, he would just stand there, head held high, and let the other dog sniff him.  One false move and he was on the aggressive.  Most of the time the other dog would back off; sometimes the other dog did not back off and I found myself breaking up dog fights.  I tried to not get anxious, I tried to do little things to prevent his behavior, but was unsuccessful.  I was very frustrated.

Kate taught me some key points.  We worked on some skills and Stoli and I practiced; we practiced a lot.  We still practice today.  Kate set us up with a foundation that I can build off.  Every day, even after our training sessions ended, we improve and progress towards where I want to be.  I am excited to see where we will end up.

-Jess Bogumil

On paper, my adorable little Cock-a-Poo was a perfect dog to adopt; being a first time dog owner, I thought he would be! Suddenly one day, my sweet little man showed his true colors and “little man’s syndrome” in a big way toward any dog we met. He had no fear—lunging, barking and nipping at any size dog. After reading, trying to train and listening to a lot of advice, I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to keep him. Thank God I found Kate! I was completely convinced the dog trainer was going to come in and tell me that everything was my fault; I could not have been more wrong. Kate helped me to understand the different ways humans and dogs communicate and to take back the Alpha Dog position in our little pack of two. My family and friends were amazed at how different a dog he was after our first few meetings. While Lucky isn’t perfect, we have made great strides. Kate provides concrete, positive, realistic benchmarks that both human and dog can handle. Most importantly, I feel confident to handle the situations that arise and that I can keep both Lucky and other dogs we meet safe. Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am; Kate is an asset to any pack.

-Jenna Nelson

We called Cooper's Dog Training when we realized we needed help with our three-year-old Standard Poodle, Shooey, whose behavioral problems were getting worse. Although we did attempt to socialize him when he was a puppy, he had always seemed highly stressed and anxious. We felt like our dog's issues weren't typical, that he was quite possibly beyond help, and we'd just have to deal with it. But when he eventually refused to go on walks after months of attempts--each walk getting shorter and less relaxing--nothing we tried on our own seemed to be helping, and decided we needed professional help. We knew that we didn't want to follow any kind of program that was in conflict with our pet's well-being, but we weren't sure where to turn. While shopping at Sellwood Pet Supply, we found a business card for Cooper's Dog Training and noticed that the trainer was certified. We made the call.

Cooper's worked with us on some very effective basic training and confidence building exercises. Within a few weeks, we saw major changes in Shooey's behavior. It's been several months since we completed the training, and everything we (and he) learned has lasted. We see major improvements in his public presence, how he receives guests, and he even enjoys walks again. We continue to do the exercises, which are much more fun and effective than other techniques we'd learned from other sources. Shooey enjoys it, too.

It was a pleasure working with Kate. She's extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and most importantly, she was very kind to our dog. We highly recommend Cooper's Dog Training and we're very grateful to Kate for her help.

Dear Kate,

Thank you so much for the wonderful training that you taught me for Otis. I was doing it all wrong and truly feel that Otis’ behavioral issues were nothing more than a reflection of my incorrect actions. We still have work we can do with regards to his sometimes overzealous greetings, but you have given me the tools I need and I just have to make the time. Your knowledge and skills truly changed our lives (I no longer have a panic attack when a stranger approaches us!) and helped us to recognize what an amazing dog we have as part of our family. Thank you again.

All the best,

Laura B.